Posted on: 2012-09-20

Shots of DJ Mixing console from 2008

from wherewedowhatwedo.com

Today I stumbled upon an old post I did on wherewedowhatwedo.com in 2008. 

It's a nice website where creatives upload pictures of their workspaces. It may sound silly but it's inspiring to see other people small world and how they organize desktops to feel cozy while working.

Mixing Console

Hi, I'm a DJ from Italy and this is my creative corner. Here I try mixes, listen to records, organize them and record CDs.
Also shown is (part of) my vinyls collection.

My console today is a bit different because one of the Technics turntable is gone and two Pioneer CDJs now take most of the room. I have much more records now but mostly for collection. The mixer is gone also, replaced by an awesome ECLER Nuo 3.

Mixing console and loudspeakersConsole and Vinyls collection

Seeing these pictures put in the mood of spinning some records and take more pictures of my workplaces... the end  of the summer always takes childish behaviors :)


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