Posted on: 2011-01-01

New Graphic style for website inspired by Metropolis

Metropolis by Fritz Lang is the most Industrial movie ever and probably also the earlier, as it is from 1927. Seeing factories, machines, futuristic city, the female robot all shot in black and white really puts me in the mood of doing some industrial music so I never managed to watch this movie entirely because I always start some new track after a while!

Metropolis MetropolisMetropolis Metropolis

My website's new graphic dress takes inspiration from this Sci-fi masterpiece by using a dark and rough texture which resembles the film's celluloid flavor and by choosing Times Roman as font-face.

This choice is because of the scene where Freder, the main character, meets a worker named Georgy who wears a cap with the number 11811 printed in a serif font:


At the time of the movie the Times typeface didn't exist yet since it was designed in 1931 for British newspaper "The Times" but nowadays it is the only web font with a shape similar to the one from the cap.

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