Posted on: 2013-09-28

Galvanics for vinyl pressing of my first record

Vinyl Plating

By cleaning a bit the studio my attention was attracted by an old, hidden shelf atop of which there are the galvanics used to press my first records from KNY-01 to KNY-06. KNY-7 and KNY-08 weren't pressed in Italy but in Czech Republic and Netherlands, therefore I haven't got any relative lacquers.

Vinyl Plating / Galvanics

Cutting was handled by Elettroformati and I'm glad to see they're still active, even if their website sucks being Flash based. Vinyl pressing was handled by Phonopress, as it's possible to see by a fragment of tape on the sleeve. They're still active as well and this is a good thing.


I clearly remember the emotion when I was given one of those the first time. Such a shiny metal dish containing my music was a fascinating thing. The price also had a good impact on my emotions!

Vinyl Plating / Galvanics

Vinyl Plating / Galvanics

Even if I wouldn't never ever go back to those times and drop the luxury of burn my own tracks on CDs at zero costs/anytime I sometimes wonder where the Vinyls technology could have gone if not abandoned by big investors because it's today slowly, but still, developing. New materials could have been discovered, new needles manufactured and maybe the quality could have improved much more by finding a way of cutting without the need to apply the infamous RIAA curve. Pity this didn't happen.

Vinyl Plating / Galvanics


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