Posted on: 2013-10-21

Old Mixtape from the past

Koney-Mix 05/97 mixed with Vinyls

I'm starting to rip what remains of my old mix-tapes from the 'ninetines.

The first is a mix from May 1997, same year I performed at Cubik, in CH, with the Amiga Live. Old-school stuff for sure, possibly "old-fool" because I notice today that I had almost no mixing skills at the time! Luckily the selection was great, not surprisingly since those were the years with the most ferment ever, with Industrial finally setting a line of creativity out of the mainstream.

Mixtape 1997

I also remember having a lot of fun painting plastic cases with spray, instead of making any cover design. That gave the item a more industrial feeling also at the touch.

Cover of Mixtape

More uploads will follow, time permitting.

PS: an even older mix-tape is available here.


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