Posted on: 2013-11-01


Mixed with vinyls

Shame on me I didn't rip this mix-tape before! This one's selection is simply great, so many gems I didn't even remembered existed. Pity some of these records got lost, stolen or sold...

Lost are also my neurons because I can't recall artist, title or label of a good three quarters of the tunes! I just remember that the coolest stuff is from Praxis records or Laurent Hô. Anyone wishing to compile a playlist is welcome.

Industriasl Mixtape  Oldschool hardcore mixtape

Some of the tracks inside:

But one thing I'm sure of is the presence of The Mover - Final Sickness tune which is one of the best techno tracks of all time, and I'm not adding here an "IMHO" because I challenge anyone to disagree! I remember Lory D playing that song in Venice local club back in... better not say!... Another record that surely comes in my mind is the 10" Kill-Out which used to blow my mind out. I never been able to know much about this record until Discogs had some information about it, some years later.

The Mover - PCP  Kill-out misterious 10 inches record



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