Posted on: 2013-10-27

Bassdrum Murda Distocore VSTi Version 1.0

By Bula and I:Gor

From the maker of the BassDrum Murda distortion plug-in, Bula, a new great virtual instrument: DistoCore.

With the aid of I:Gor he came out designing a VSTi totally oriented towards Hardcore and subgenres creation. In fact the first feeling I had playing around was to have a super-pimped Microtonic with ANY knob actually making something interesting to the final sound.

Distocore by Bassdrum Murda

The hardest bassdrums on earth.

Don't steal and sample bassdrums, be creative and design them from scratch with the new "DC Bassdrum::Murda" VSTi.

Distocore VSTi

The plug-in itself is composed by three main oscillators, each with separate filters and saturations. Every oscillator has a plethora of waveforms to choose from plus the ability to load up sampled waveforms. They also have separate panoramic positioning so it's easy to create interesting stereo-wide sounds. All the three guys go thorough an envelope follower, a resonating filter, a ring modulator, an overdrive + bit-crusher section, and an equalizer before being outputted to the host. This part ensures the most extreme and optimized distortion and punch! 

From my personal experience with it I'd say that there's some sort of inner modulations between the oscillators, because when adding more volume to one it's possible to hear the other ones shape themselves so that the result is always coherent.

Hearing the overdrive + bit-crusher section at work really makes me suspect the code behind is the same of the original Bassdrum Murda plug-in and this can only be a good thing!




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