Posted on: 2013-12-21

Ancient mixtape

KoneyMix 09/97 mixed with Vinyls

More digging, more relics found. This time, stuck between a Pharaoh tomb and a Maya temple, I dug out of the dust an awesome mixtape from 1997, the year of my trips to London where I was lucky enough to get in touch directly with Praxis Distribution itself.

Industrial Mixtape from 1997

This contact was a great deal because it was one of the cores of records distribution of the time. With direct contact with Mad Dog, he had instant availability of all releases of the best industrial labels.

 koney mix 1997

I got stuff like STORMCORE 5 and 666 there, and they're both on this mixtape.

Stormcore 5Stormcore 666

The starting record is a track of mine on a test-press made by Zero Music Hard which was never released. This test-press itself has a story and I will blog about it, one day.

Another great record here is the S.O.D.O.M. 02 (Slave Of Devil Our Master).


With tracks from Maxitrait (Micropoint) and SpeedyQ. This record has reached the value of €300 on Discogs marketplace. Insane!


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