Posted on: 2014-11-05

DistoCore Version 1.3.0

DC Bassdrum::Murda

I barely hidden my excitment when Bula, the coder behind DistoCore, sent me the new version of the best bass-drum generator VST plug-in and I literally shot myself in front of Cubase to test the new features!

Interface 1Interface 2

The most remarkable is the addition of a Base Frequency knob which allows the whole thing to be tuned to the most performing frequency. The author recommends to play the bassdrums using the F-1 note, which corresponds to a base frequency of 43.7 Hz.

Another new feature is the filter FX unit, which now contains all required filter types including a band-pass filter.
There are a few new "Distocore Kickdrum Presets" especially designed for filtering with this type of filter.
You have to check out its power on powerful loudspeakers or high quality headphones!

The whole presets bank also inflated considerably and now include bass-drums from various Hardcore artists. There are also a few from me with the most stupid names in the galaxy like: "A coder ate my pigeon", "Neighbors Nightmare" or "8-bit Enema" :)


Version 1.3.0 (2014-10-19):
new filter unit including band-pass, band-stop and 12/24 dB HP/LP filters
improved distortion unit with extra gate/loudness/bypass and new powerful DistoCore presets
global transpose + base frequency display
new redesigned GUI with improved knobs/indicators
reworked presets + new DistoCore presets dedicated to band-pass filtering
fixed memory leaks
fixed a few processing issues

Last but not least my name is listed in the credits page of the plug-in. Thanx guys!


DistoCore team:
Bula: C++ Code, GFX, Concept & Idea
I:Gor: Concept & Idea

Credits go to:
The Reaper (AAR), Koney Industrial, Dj R.Shock, Splatter (KTS), Tim SplinterCell, Doctor Terror and Smash


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