Posted on: 2017-12-13

2003 version of KONEY homepage on WEB DESIGN INDEX 3

A book by G√úNTER (COMPIL.) BEER (Author)

Time to update the PRESS area with this shot, showing a 2003 version of this very website, from page #339 of WEB DESIGN INDEX 3 by Pepin Press; a book published back in 2004.

Sadly screenshots were made with a really bad system not supporting transparency of Flash objects therefore the logo had that white frame around which wasn't meant to be there. Also designer's name and agency are completely wrong!...At least the URL is correct!

Anyway what totally blows me away today is the hit counter saying: "03889 hits since APR 2001"... WOW! This takes us even further back in time to nearly when the website went live!

The book is the third of a series of nine showing a list of selected homepages to witness and track Web Design trends among the years. Of course being acknowledged is definitely a good cause for pride.

Web Design Index 3 Paperback ? March 31, 2004 on Amazon

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