Posted on: 2021-05-09


Amiga Intro

Welcome to my FOURTH Amiga Music intro:
MECHMICROBES - Industrial Hardcore @ 205 BPM
Released May 2021
Code+Music+Gfx by KONEY

Amiga Hardcore Demo with TR-909

Music composed in 1998 with OctaMED SoundStudio, Published by KONEY REC KNY-01 in 1999


Requires any OCS/ECS Amiga with 512kb minimum
Compiled with VASM 1.8d
Tested on A500, A1000, A3000, A1200, A600+Vampire2
Provided are executable file and self booting .ADF file
Run from shell, quit with RMB

Download .LHA

Download .ADF

Source Code on GitHub

Package @ aminet.net

Entry @ pouet.net

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