Posted on: 2011-12-01

Reverb in Industrial Music

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This article is from my other blog but I find it quite important, so I decided to cross-post it here. And yes: I need to fill  up a bit this new blog as well :))

Reverberation is a key effect in Industrial Music, it has the double purpose of both clean or dirty up the sounds.

Research in Industrial Music is often performed through deep distortion and heavy processing of sounds which sometimes lead to inconsistency, lack of harmonics and general dullness: characteristics that make the sound itself easily masked in the mix by other, more powerful, instruments. Here a good reverb can help the sound be perceived again.

The other employment is quite the reverse process, by reverberating some sound and adding distortion afterwards it's possible to dirty up material otherwise too clean for the Industrial freaks.

Personally I am using both analog and VST reverb units because for an effect of such importance I need a choice as wide as possible.

As outboard I got an oldschool ALT Multiverb LTX:



which has the harsh sound I am looking for. It works with just presets but once found the good ones it's ready to rock. Indeed it's connected right after a Spring Reverb, developing a nice metallic sound.


Eagle Products Spring Reverb


On the ITB side I've tried thousand different VST but at the moment in my opinion two are the best: the Omniverb 2.0.2



and the reverberation section from the Space Echo VST


Space Echo VST


They both work great as a pre-distortion processing technique but the Tape Echo works a bit better than Omniverb for post-distortion.


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