Industrial Hardcore

By Koney - 205 BPM

MainIdea: Koney
Mixing: Koney
Recording: Koney
Structure: Koney
Equipment used:
E-mu ESI 32 Sampler
Roland TR-909 as drummachine
Roland SH-09 as Synth

Kick1: 909 sample modified thru CoolEdit and played on the sampler.
Kick2: TR-909 straight in the mixer for the low frequencies.
Sound1: Samples taken from an old Amiga games. They were just 16khz so we slighty cut-offed the with the VCF of the sampler to smooth them a little.
Sound2: From the amiga, filtered with SH-09 to increase dynamics and harmonics.
Sound3: Amiga, trhu a delay to "stereoize" it
HiHat: TR-909
Known bugs: The kick from the 909 has too many bass. The rest is perfect 8)
More: There is a Octamed Sound Studio module of this song.


Now available from Junodownload