Industrial that wasn't

Industrial Techno Hardcore Hardtechno

By Koney - 155 BPM

DJing means collecting records and collected records collect dust. That's why from time to time I love to dig in my crate and browse old vinyls that I loved in the past.

Today was diggin' day and for some unknown reasons my attention has focused on a series of tunes published during the nineties which I used to be a big fan of. Those days Industrial the way I play it had just begun, but there were already some slower alternative sounds to it. I remember clearly that I had an opinion that hardcore-techno style of things had big chances to go further in time, but for some reasons beyond my understanding it didn't...so Here it is...the 'INDUSTRIAL THAT WASN'T' brought in the new millenium.

Some PCP stuff, some Napalm, sone praxis records, some unbeliveable cool stuff on UW, a few acid tracks, some very old-school songs clearly done on a plain TR-909 with tons of reverb on rimshots and a boring easter sunday are the ingredients for this mix that I'm sharing. I took the freedom to include also a few modern tracks that I felt they fitted in the flow.

There are a few jumps, mainly due to very old and worn vinyls used, so don't blame me. ENJOY!

Industrial techno the old way

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