Industrial Hardcore BY: Koney, Tense, X-mind, Grigio, Zeta Reticuli

Not Easy Tunes

YES, WE KICK! That’s a big promise and we’ve asked the coolest artist from Not Easy Tunes to make sure we keep it.

Dj Tense released on Not Easy Tunes from the first EP of the label and is historically part of the crew since its start. Here he develops some terror rage with a track with so much punch you’ll ears will bleed.

X-Mind has been active in our label for the last three years growing more and more confident with the Frenchcore side of the releases. His track, featuring vocals from Zeta Reticuli, is a perfect embodiment of what we expected from him!

Grigio is a not-anymore new talent from Rome who started to work with Not Easy Tunes and has more stuff to come also on Dark Matter. His track represents the Industrial part of the release.

Koney is being quite active recently with remixes and projects. His track closes the EP with some more Industrial sounds but with a modern flavour that can fit any dancefloor.


Digital Downloads available from KONEY on Hardtunes