Hardcodelia Records 02: Mayhem for Survival

Industrial Hardcore BY: V/A

We live an unique era for good or bad on earth. It is not an easy time for most, but music as also entertainment industries got specially affected. We have a huge challenge on keeping our movement alive and use it for a positive transformation, to re invent ourselves as a scene but most of all as human beings who understand their own priorities. As the Pandemia goes on and a new world order peep out, every day becomes a new subject of inspiration we must take advantage, externalize and record.

-Mayhem for Survival- was a public call to materialize this inspiration on tracks, walk this path together, strengthen as community an share results with the people. The result is this release of 22 tracks from 22 different artists on many hardbeats styles like: hardcore, industrial, early, gabber, hardstyle, hard techno, frenchcore, hardtek and experimental. This V/A gathers solid names in the scene as new talents to check from 10 different countries like: Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, U.K, U.S.A.

And how about to help others in the middle of this process? Even a little bit? The earnings collected through the sale of this release on our bandcamp page (until october 2020) will be used for a charity action human or animal still to define and share.

Much thanks to all the artists worldwide involved in this release.