Epiteth ETH 005

Hardcore Industrial BY: KONEY, Torgull, Lawrencium, Full Dark No Stars


KONEY! exploding codes tune, shaker of a kind. With that Electric Epiteth style... or when the artist answer to a label aesthetism... without betraying his tool : AMIGA !!! Then the hardcore have a chance with Art. You cannot escape venezia's mentalsits... A1 was obvious.

Torgull: Influenced as well... offering his style with a RIOT way to RAW !

Lawrencium: Mental hardcore master... a new generation compared to these two A-Sides "mastodontes"... Probably my fave tune for the mix here. Night-Music with an "electric-acid-suggestion" story-telling. Minimal cas say a lot.

Full Dark No Stars: the mysterious girl... A breakbeat hardcore banger, THE DANCEFLOOR efficient track. FULL-OUT !!

Once again Hô did a wonderful sleeve... Industrial of course... Taking his time to build it up... and was a good thing. Art does not look to its watch.

"Horloge, dieux sinistre..", va te faire enculer !

vive l'été et vi(v)e le hardcore !

  • A1 KONEY - Sorting Reloc Tables (Amiga Track) - 4.44
  • A2 TORGULL - hate this gvt - 5.46
  • B1 LAWRECIUM - evolution99 - 6.19
  • B2 FULL DARK NO STARS - the opposite of god - 5.44